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How to Play Online fantasy cricket apps and win Cash prizes| Benefits

Online fantasy cricket apps have grown in popularity in recent years, giving cricket fans the chance to assemble their own virtual teams and engage in user competition.

Online fantasy cricket has grown to be a billion-dollar business in India thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and internet access, and several platforms now provide this service to customers.

In this blog post, we will explore the features of online fantasy cricket apps, their benefits, and how they work.

What Is Online fantasy cricket apps?

Online fantasy cricket apps
Online fantasy cricket apps

A software platform or application where users can design their fantasy cricket teams, take part in different competitions and leagues and earn rewards is known as an online fantasy cricket apps.

The application simulates the performance of the players in the virtual team using real-time data from cricket matches. Based on their present form, old records, prior performances, and other information, users can choose players.

Due to the development of online fantasy cricket apps, fantasy cricket has become increasingly popular over the past years. The way people play and interact with cricket has been completely transformed by these applications.

Users of fantasy cricket applications may assemble their own virtual teams, control player movements, and engage in friendly competition with other players to win rewards.

Features of Online Fantasy Cricket Apps:

Users may build their own squad using the online fantasy cricket apps by choosing their favourite players from a list of potential players.

Users are given a virtual budget and have the option to choose players based on their form, performance, and other considerations. Users can play against other teams made by other people after creating their own team.

The majority of online fantasy cricket applications also provide features like real-time live scoring, player stats, team news, and other pertinent data that may aid users in forming well-informed teams.

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The user-friendly interface of online fantasy cricket applications makes it simple for users to explore and build their virtual teams. 
    To assist users, identify players that match their preferences, the applications offer a variety of filtering and sorting options.
  1. Real-Time Match Data: To mimic the performance of players on the virtual squad, the online fantasy cricket software employs real-time match data. The game is more engaging due to real – time match data, as a result giving users a realistic experience.

How do Online Fantasy Cricket Apps Work?

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Online fantasy cricket applications function by enabling you to assemble a virtual team made up of actual cricket players. You may assemble your squad by choosing players from a group of athletes participating in a certain match or competition.

Each player has a certain value, called a credit point with which you can build your squad. After you’ve chosen your squad, you may enter competitions and take on other fantasy cricket teams.

Your squad receives points based on how well the players you’ve chosen perform in actual games. At the conclusion of the competition, the team with the most points win.

Let’s look into the steps required to make a team and participate in online fantasy cricket apps.

  • Register – Users must first create an account by entering their name, email address, and mobile number on the online fantasy cricket app.
  • Create team – select the match that you want to play and construct their own teams by choosing players from a player pool. To get updated with the playing11, read about the the team statements and updates from the websites such as espncricinfo and cricbuzz.
  • Join Contest – Users can enter a contest by paying the entrance fee after forming a team. According to the contest, the entrance cost varies, and the prize money is likewise based on the entry fee.
  • Follow Team and Player Performance – When the game has begun, users may follow the progress of their team and individual players through player statistics and live score updates.
  • Earn Prizes – Depending on how their team performed, users can win rewards at the conclusion of the competition. The winnings are added to the user’s account, where they can be withdrawn to a bank account or used to participate in subsequent competitions.

Benefits of Online Fantasy Cricket Apps:

  • Interactive and Engaging – Online fantasy cricket apps provide cricket enthusiasts with a more dynamic and interesting experience. The game is made more thrilling and enjoyable by the players’ ability to form their individual teams and fight against other user’s teams.
  • Easy to Access – With the popularity of smartphones and increased internet usage, consumers may readily access online fantasy cricket applications. Players may start playing right away by downloading these applications from the app store or play store.
  • Real-Time Updates – Online fantasy cricket applications provide users with timely information on player statistics, team news, and other important topics to assist them in selecting their teams.
  • Talent – Online fantasy cricket apps are more difficult and rewarding for players since they need talent and game knowledge.

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Best online fantasy cricket apps list

Sl. no.Fantasy cricket apps
2.My11 Circle
4.Fantasy Akhada
9.My Master 11


Cricket lovers in India now enjoy playing online fantasy cricket games. They demand skill and game knowledge and provide a very involved and interesting experience.

Users now have easy access to online fantasy cricket applications because of the growth of smartphones and internet usage. In the upcoming years, it’s anticipated that these applications will become more and more popular, and new platforms will probably enter the market.

Platforms are introducing new features to improve the user experience as the online fantasy cricket app business expands. In instead of creating a team for a whole tournament, some platforms, for instance, now allow users to build a team for a single match.

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Due to this, players may take part in the game more regularly and it becomes even more entertaining.

Moreover, apart from fantasy cricket, several online fantasy cricket apps also provide fantasy leagues for sports like football, basketball, kabaddi etc. Users may do this to broaden their interests and take part in fantasy leagues for various sports.

Online fantasy cricket applications provide a lot of advantages, but they also have some drawbacks. The potential for addiction, where users may spend excess time as well as cash on these applications, is one of the main issues.

Platforms should have regulations in place to safeguard their users from users who may also be at risk of developing gambling disorders. Due to the industry’s continuing expansion, it is crucial that these platforms have standards in place for responsible gaming and that consumers utilise these applications responsibly.

Which fantasy app is best for cricket?

If you want to join contests with less money then you can opt for vision11, playerzpot, Fantasy akhada etc.

Is there any free fantasy cricket app?

Yes, on vision11 you get free entry with 1 team but on the other platforms you won’t get free entry but in starting you can get some bonus amount that you can use for joining the contest. Apart from bonuses there are apps, where you can get some precent off.

Where can I play fantasy cricket online?

There are numerous online fantasy apps such as dream11, vision11, playerzpot, gamzy etc.

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