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How to win Dream11 small league contest | Small league winning tips and tricks

Today in this blog, we will cover topics such as how to win dream11 small league contest, how to make team for small league, Dream11 small league investment strategy, which small league contest is easy to win in dream11.

Before getting into the small league team making and small league winning tips and tricks, let us first understand about the small league contest.

What is small league Contest in dream11?

Dream11 is a sports fantasy application, where you make your team and win real cash prizes.

There are various types of contests available on dream11 and other fantasy applications such as – Grand League, Mega contest and small league.

In Dream11, “Small League” contests are those contests that have fewer number of participants. There are various types of small league contests.

Types of small league contests

S.No.Contest Size
12-member (head-to-head)

Generally, 2 to 10 member contests come under small league but if we take look at broader picture, then 10 to 100 member contests can also be included into the mini grand league than small league contests.

If you are starting in the field of fantasy sports then ideally it is suggested to get started with the small league contests. Why is this so?

Since the teams participating in the small league contests are quite few as a result the competition is also fewer, which will increase the possibility of winning in the small league contest.

While, on the other hand if we look at the GL (grand league) the number of members taking part in the contest is very high, which increases the competition, hence decreases the chances of winning.

In comparison to other leagues, the winning prize of the small league contests is often less, but the joining fee is also cheaper.

These leagues are perfect for newcomers or moderate players who wish to test their knowledge and abilities without taking on a lot of opposition.

How to win dream11 small league contests?

How to win dream11 small league contests
How to win dream11 small league contests

To win small league contests in dream11, you should have knowledge of cricket and you are also required to have some analytical mind.

Let’s look into some of the dream11 fantasy tips and tricks are necessary to win a small league contest on dream11.

Focus on important/core players

It is advisable to go with the important players whose selection percentage is high.

Since in small league contests, your competitor also picks these high selection players and if you miss any of them, it will become suicidal for you and you would probably lose the contest.

You cannot take a risk with a lower selection percentage of players, as their chances of performing is quite less.

But if you are doing so by replacing high selection percentage player with the low selection percentage player then you should join higher member league contests.

To get updated with the playing11, read about the the team statements and updates from the websites such as espncricinfo and cricbuzz.

Look for recent performance of players

To win a small league contest on dream11, you should have data of players recent performance.

Players recent performance can be very useful in making a small league team, as it tells about the player’s current form and his scoring abilities.

The good form of the player can secure you good points in the fantasy league, that will help you win single handedly in small league contest.

Team balance

It is one of the crucial points to win small league contests on dream11. You should have a balanced team of batters, bowlers and all-rounders.

Don’t end up making a team where batter and all-rounders are more as compared to bowler or a team 70% of bowler and all-rounder with only 30% of batters.

Take a balanced approach while making a small league team.

Your winning in small league contests will depend on your team’s overall performance. So, be wise to include all the important batters, bowlers and all-rounders.

Choose your captain and vice – captain wisely

This is one of the most important on how to win dream11 small league contests and dream11 small league winning tips.

As you all know, the captain can secure you double points and vice – captain 1.5x points, that will not only increase your rank but also make you win single handedly in small league contests.

If you are planning to make bowler as a captain, then look for the bowler, who is bowling in starting as well as in the death overs.

On the other hand, if you want to make batters as a captain then go with batters who can play longer innings and make good runs.

But the choice of all-rounder as captain is most advisable as all-rounders have the most chances of doing batting and bowling that in turn help you in securing good points, if he performs well.

How to make a small league team?

In this section we will step by step look into choosing criteria of wicket – keeper, batter, all-rounder and bowler.

If you want to know how to make a grand league team then you can read another blog on how to make grand league team on dream11.

Selection of Wicket – keeper

  1. Conditions 1 – One wicket keeper comes at 1st or 2nd down and others comes at 5 or 6 position

In this scenario, you can go with the batsmen who comes at 1st or 2nd down, as he has more chances of staying on the pitch for longer duration.

As a result, he will end up giving you more points than the batsmen who comes at 5th or 6th position.

  1. Conditions 2 – both the wicket – keeper comes in starting position

In this case look at the team who has a strong bowling lineup (both spinners and pacers). Apart from this look for the player matchups against the bowlers.

Go with the batsmen that had a strong bowling line up, as their wicket – keeper will end up giving you more points by wicket keeping and batting.

  1. Condition 3 – both wicket – keeper comes last

In this case you can go with the wicket – keeper that has a strong bowling because both the wicket – keeper had less chance of doing batting.

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Selection of batsmen

Selection of batsmen mostly depends on pitch conditions. If the pitch is flat and batting friendly and average score on the field goes 170 – 180, then you can choose 4 – 5 batsmen (1 opener, 1 middle order and 1 all-rounder from both teams)

On the other hand, if the pitch is neutral and average score of the ground is 130 – 140, then it is always advisable to go with 3 batsmen and 2 all – rounder, as all-rounder can give you points in batting, if the top order collapse and as well as in bowling by picking wickets in the second innings.

Selection of All – rounder

All – rounder plays the most important part in winning small league contests, so the selection of all – rounder is the vital step.

  1. If the all – rounder is spinner and bowling in the second innings and comes at 3rd or 4th position for batting, then you can pick this all-rounder and make him as your captain and vice – captain.
  1. If the all – rounder comes for batting at 5th or 6th position or he doesn’t bowl his all over. In this scenario, it is always a wise decision to avoid it.

Selection of bowler

Pitch also plays a vital role in selecting bowlers and is one of the most important dream 11 small league winning tips.

  1. Suppose if there is grass on the field, so took at least 2 seam bowlers from the 1st innings but if the pitch is neutral then select one bowler who bowls in starting and in death and one spinner bowler who bowls in the middle overs.

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Dream11 Small league investment strategy

How to win Dream11 small league contest largely depends on how you do your investment into these fantasy contests.

Always plan your game (i.e., invest a large amount only in that match in which you are confident and the match looks good otherwise avoid large investment in which player selection is tough) as well as money that you want to invest in a particular game. Because both are crucial for remaining profitable in fantasy sports.

Firstly, choose the particular amount that you are comfortable losing in a month.

After deciding this, invest only 10% to 20% of your initial capital in one match. So that even if you lose, you have other matches in which you can cover this loss.

Example – suppose you have 1000 and you are ready to lose it in a month, so invest only 100 – 200 in one match.

Even if you lose 2 match continously and win the 3rd match then you will not be in a loss rather your money becomes equal to 900 to 1000.

The 10% that you had invested in divided it into a further 3 parts of 50%, 25% and 25% respectively. Join contests of 2-member, 3-member and 4-member league with 50%, 25% and 25% respectively.

Which contests are easy to win in dream11?

Initially, you can go with 2- and 3-member small league contests, as they are easy to win on dream11.

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