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How to make Grand League team on Dream11 winning tips and tricks

Today in this post we cover – How to make grand league team, how to win grand league in dream11, how to make grand league team in dream11, Dream11 grand league winning tricks, dream11 tricks for 1 rank.

Before jumping into how to make a grand league winning team, let us first understand what is grand league in dream11 and why there is so much hype of grand league and know about Dream11 grand league winning tricks.

What is GL (Grand league) in Dream11?

Grand league is the cricket fantasy contest on dream11 where by putting 50 Rs, one can win INR 1 Crore but that does not happen so frequently.

Grand league contest is more of luck and less of cricket analysis. Grand League winning is very difficult, for winning 1 crore, you should have all the top 11 performers of the match in your team.

In most cases, everyone starts with the hope of winning 1 crore but in the end, they end up praying for that 50 rupees that they invested in to join the grand league contest.

How to make Grand league team on dream11?

There are some important points that you should keep in mind before making a grand league team on dream11. Let’s know these points that will help you to make a perfect grand league dream11 winning team.

How to make grand league team on dream11
How to make grand league team on dream11
  1. Know about matches that are to be played and avoided
  2. Have an update on Playing 11 (from both teams)
  3. Pitch conditions
  4. Risk taking capacity
  5. Captain and vice- captain
  6. Debut players
  7. Players Stats
  8. Milestone and important dates
  9. Players to avoid
  10. Pick players from home town

These are some of the important dream11 tips and tricks that will help you make a perfect dream11 grand league team.

Let’s deep dive into each of the points so that you can get a whole idea of dream11 winnings tricks and know about how to make Grand League team

Matches to play and avoid

This is one of the most important points of how to make grand League team and how to win grand league in dream11. For winning in grand league, you cannot play all the matches. You should have a complete knowledge of the match and the players that are playing. If you have this idea, you can invest accordingly for your benefit.

There are some matches that are uncertain and does not go as according to what you have planned. Some players got injured in between the matches and that player is your captain. In this case you incurred a loss. S

So, have a knowledge of picking the matches that are to be played and avoided.

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Probable playing 11 of both the teams

After the toss you only get 30 minutes to make the changes in your team and if you have 20 teams then, it is not possible to make changes in all the teams with that short period of time.

To get updated with the playing11, read about the the team statements and updates from the websites such as espncricinfo and cricbuzz.

Team management also gives updates regarding whether a new player can play or not or the existing bowler can bowl his all spell or some new all – rounder can come into action. All these points help you in planning your team.

Pitch conditions

It is one of the crucial points of how to make a Grand League team while making a grand league team. Pitch plays a lot of roles in the match. Player’s performance all depends on the pitch. 

If the pitch is bowler friendly, you should pick more bowlers than batsmen and vice – versa.

Since pitch is made up of soils such as red soil, black soil and mixture of red – black soil. So, the soil of the pitch also plays a crucial role in determining the performance of the players.  

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Amount of Risk 

Do not go with any random player who has less chance to perform in the match. Select your players wisely. Always keep 6 to 7 players in every team and play with the other 4 to 5 player combination.

This will not only help you to make a diversified team with better players but also keep you ahead of your competitor in the league.

 Choosing Captain and vice – Captain

This is the most important point, as the captain can provide you with 2x points and vice – captain can give you 1.5x points respectively. To maximise your scores and improve your chances of winning, it is essential to choose the ideal captain and vice – captain for these roles.

There are a few factors you should take into account while picking your captain and vice-captain. You should start by examining the players’ most recent performance. Selecting players who are in decent form and have been successful recently in games is crucial.

The players’ batting or bowling positions should be taken into account as well. In general, choosing a 1st or 2nd down batsman or a wicket-taking bowler as your captain or vice-captain is advised for winning in grand league. These players have a greater possibility of earning more points.

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If you want to choose batsman as a captain, always go with captain who can play longer innings like Virat, Kane Williamson, Buttler etc. On the other hand, if you are planning to make bowler captain then you can opt for bowler who can take wickets in starting and in the death over as well.

But it’s also crucial to take calculated chances and select a new vice-captain or skipper if you think they have what it takes to succeed in the game. For instance, you can choose a middle-order batsmen who has been performing well and is anticipated to be important for scoring good points.

Debut Players

In IPL history, those who had played their first match in between the IPL, they have performed extremely well. If you are playing a grand league, you can definitely opt for these debut players in some of your teams.

And if you want to take extreme risk you can make them your captain and vice – captain. Well, it takes a lot of courage to go with debut players as your captain and vice -captain but if they perform then you will be at top position and this is one of the dream11 tricks for 1 rank.

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Player’s stats

Before assembling a fantasy squad, it is crucial to review player statistics since they offer insightful information about a player’s recent form and performance. Fantasy sports need an in-depth knowledge of players’ skills, so their historical statistics serve as a trustworthy predictor of how well they could perform going forward.

  • Stats on a player’s performance in past games give a clear and precise picture of that player’s performance. Runs scored, wickets taken, strike rate, average, and economy rate are just a few examples of these variables. 
  • Data can help you find players that consistently outperform the competition in a certain format or venue. For instance, certain athletes may perform better at home, while others may excel in particular competitions like T20s or Test matches. 
  • Evaluate player matchups to find possible benefits or drawbacks for a player. Player statistics might assist you in analysing player matches. For instance, you may evaluate a bowler’s potential to knock out a specific batter by looking at how they fared against him in past games. Example – most of the time Ravindra Jadeja takes the wicket of Maxwell.

You may study player matchups, evaluate player performance, find consistent performers, and make plans for upcoming games using player statistics.

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Milestone and important dates

This is the most underrated point in making of dream11 grand league team but it is one of the most effective one as well.

Players are likely to perform on dates such as – Birthday, Anniversary dates or on their children birthday or wife birthday. If they are some runs or wickets behind to achieve a milestone like 1000 runs aur 100 wickets, they would most likely perform better on these dates.

Players to avoid

  • Injury worries: One of the most popular justifications for avoiding players is the possibility of an injury. A player who is injured or recuperating from an injury may not be capable of providing their best effort or may even be forced to sit out the game. Your fantasy team’s performance may suffer as a result since you could receive no points from that player. As a result, it’s critical to monitor injury reports and stay away from athletes who are injured or have a history of problems.
  • Bad form: If a player is out of form, it is another reason to avoid them. Ineffective players may not perform well in forthcoming games, which might result in them not giving you a lot of fantasy points. 
  • Players who fluctuate in performance: Certain players may have a propensity to perform well during one match and poorly during another. Consequently, in some circumstances it could be best to stay away from such players.
  • Bad matchups: Sometimes, certain players may not be suited to the match conditions or the opposition they are facing.  A batter who suffers against spin bowling, for instance, would struggle against a team that has good spinners. It would be preferable to avoid picking such a player in such circumstances.

Pick Players from home town

This is also very much important point on How to make Grand League team. While building a fantasy squad, selecting players from the home stadium may be helpful since they will be more accustomed to the surroundings and have a greater grasp of the pitch.

  • Conditional knowledge: Players that are more used to their home pitch may have an edge over their competitors. Selecting players from the home team might therefore be helpful because they are more likely to play well under accustomed circumstances.
  • Players from the hometown team may have a greater awareness of the pitch, which might enable them throughout the game to make better judgements. For instance, they may be aware of which parts of the field are more likely to provide wickets or runs, which may assist them in modifying their strategy.
  • The likelihood of a player from the home side playing the full game may also be higher since they may be given preference over those from the opposing team. Because they will spend longer time on the pitch, as a result, they may score more fantasy points.

How to make a grand league team?

You can follow some of our above points to make a grand league winning team.

How to win on dream11 Grand league?

by doing research and taking calculated risk, you can win in grand league and following our grand league winning tricks will help you to won on dream11.

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