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Dream11 tips and tricks for winning Fantasy Cricket leagues

Hello friends, today in this blog post we would learn some of the best dream11 tips and tricks, that you can apply in the upcoming IPL matches to win in cricket leagues. 

Apart from this, we would also learn dream11 tips and tricks for various leagues such as grand league, mega league and small league.

Dream 11 tips and tricks for all the above-mentioned leagues will be different but there are some dream 11 tricks that are common. So, first we cover the common dream 11 tricks and move further into grand league and small league.

But before jumping directly into the dream 11 strategies, let’s first know about the dream 11.

Dream11 tips and tricks
Dream11 tips and tricks

What is Dream 11?

Dream11 is a fantasy sports platform where you can create your own team of players from a real-life match and earn points based on their performances.

With the advent of T20 and IPL, dream11 gained a hell lot of popularity in fantasy field, considering the fact that, it is the first fantasy platform. 

There are many fantasy platforms that are available but not every platform has that much popularity. No other fantasy platform is close to dream11 in terms of popularity.

How to make grand league team on dream11

How to make best dream11 team

To make best dream11 team, you will need two things i.e., cricket knowledge / cricket skill and Luck.

If you have knowledge of cricket then you can make certain assumptions by seeing the players’ past records and performance and if you have luck then that team can make you win in the fantasy leagues.

Look, winning in such fantasy league solely depends upon hard work and luck but the proportion is different. You will need 90% hard work, knowledge and 10% Luck.

But if you find it difficult to collect information for each player then you can join our telegram group. We would cover every match and provide you with dream11 team predictions.

Dream11 tips and tricks
Dream11 tips and tricks

If you closely observe this and below mentioned team, you will find that 8 – 9 players are common and only 2 – 3 players are interchanged. You can also try different captains and vice captains according to the performance.

Apart from dream11 tips and tricks, you will need certain information’s to create the best dream 11 team:

  1. Player’s performance in recent matches
  2. Venue of the match and Pitch conditions
  3. News updates from the team 
  4. Weather report
  5. Debutant player information
  6. Players special dates and milestone

There are various sites from which you can track all the above-mentioned data, such as Cricbuzz and espncricinfo.

Let’s look into each point in detail to know in depth knowledge of dream11 tips and tricks.

dream11 small league winning tips and tricks

Players Performance in recent matches

The best example that I can give you which happened recently against IND vs AUS – The performance of Mitchael Marsh, Marsh in every ODI scored more than fifty runs. 

If you have a memory of IPL 2022, then you very much have a fond memory of Buttler scoring a century or half century in every other match. So, players’ recent form and performance matters a lot. This is one of the crucial dream11 tips and tricks.

Apart from players performance, you should give importance to players bs players battle. Example – Ravindra Jadeja always the wicket of Maxwel. So, in such a scenario, you should avoid picking Maxwell. 

You will get the player vs player information from the Cricmetric website.

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Venue of the match and Pitch conditions

Venue plays a lot of importance in the dream11 tips and tricks. Suppose the match is going to happen at the venue where the probability of dew coming is high. So, you should take less bowler from the team, who is going to bowl in the second innings. As, dew creates havoc for bowlers.

Pitches are made up of singular or mixture of soils. There are various pitches that are made up of soils such as red soil, black soil and mixture of red and black soil.

Each soil possesses a different characteristic such as some soils have good bounce that can create a lot of problem to batsman and there are soils that can help spinners in taking wickets. This is the best underrated dream11 tips and tricks.

One thing that you can also look at is whether a pitch has grass on it or not. If there is grass on the field, then it can help the fast bowler in both the innings and we can see some early wickets. 

All the above-mentioned conditions can help you in making a good team.

Apart from this, let’s look at what are the other things that you need to look for in venue:

  1. Average 1st innings score on the ground – it plays a lot of importance, as it can give you a insight into what will be the runs that one can expect and how many wickets can fall.

It can help you in making a good and balanced team from both ends.

You can get the information from the espncricinfo, cricbuzz, howstat etc.

  1. Wickets taken by fast/spin bowlers on the ground – If you can get the information on which type of bowler (fast or spin) had taken the greatest number of wickets on the ground in both innings, then you can take bowlers accordingly.

Example – suppose in the first innings fast bowler and left – arm orthodox bowlers had taken the greatest number of wickets, while in the second innings leg spinner had taken the most wickets. 

If you have this information, then it will help you to choose bowlers wisely and create the best fantasy team.

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News Updates from the team

This is the 3rd dream 11 tips and tricks, to win in fantasy cricket. You should remain updated with the news from the team management. You can get the news by selecting the matches and then going into the news section.

In this, team management will provide crucial information about the updates such as whether any new player can play or not or whether the existing batman or bowler is fit or not to play the next match.

Debutant Information 

This is one of the best and most critical information of dream11 tips and tricks. If during the toss, you get to know from the captain that a new bowler / batsman is going to debut today then, you should pick him in some teams.

If he is a bowler then, you should surely try him in some teams. IPL history tells that, 10 out of 8 times, new bowlers have taken wickets in the matches.

IPL 2023 complete team and players list

Dream11 team making tips

  1. Always goes with regular bowler, who is most likely to bowl his full spell. If he is a seamer and going to bowl in open as well as in the death then, he is very important bowler and a must choice in the team.
  2. There are two teams and the wicketkeeper of one team comes at 1st down while the wicket keeper of the second team comes after 6 wicket falls. It is a wise decision to go with the wicket keeper of the 1st team, as he has more chances to perform and score points.
  3. Do not stick with your favourite player; if he is not performing well, then look for a different player. You are here to win and not to support your favourite player.
  4. Always go with the all-rounder, who will bowl his all over and comes to bat at 3rd or 4th position.
  5. Try to pick the spinner bowler (specifically leg spinner) of the team, who is going to bowl in the second innings.
  6. Apart from picking the players you should also know how to avoid players, as some players only perform 10 out of 3 times. So, you should avoid such players.
  7. Choose a greater number of players from the stronger team and less from the weaker side.
  8. Before picking bowlers, you should know the opposition batsman (lefty or righty). If the team has a greater number of right-handed batsmen, then go with left arm orthodox bowler and if the team has left-handed batsman, then go with off-break bowler. 
Dream11 tips and tricks
Dream11 tips and tricks

Suppose, If the team does not have an off-break bowler, then any part time off-break bowler can bowl some overs and as a result overs of main bowler got reduced.

These are some of the important dream11 tips and tricks involved in making teams.

How to win in Dream11 tips

Fantasy game success needs talent, perseverance, and discipline. A fantasy player receives points based on the players he chooses and how well they perform in actual matches. 

This is true for all types of gaming, including paid leagues and practice competitions.

How to win in Dream11 tricks

Second, each league has a specific number of winnings i.e., if 10,000 people join the contest then only 5000 will win the contest. So, if you come under the 5000, then only you are liable to win the league.

This is why you should regularly play your practice contest, so that you can improve and learn the game like a pro.

CSK team players list

Dream11 tips and tricks pdf

To get the pdf, please fill in the contact us form by mentioning dream 11 tips and tricks pdf. Once we receive your mail. We will send you the pdf shortly.

Dream11 winning Strategy to win in grand league and small league

Before jumping into the strategy, first follow the dream11 team making tips. After you understand the dream11 tips and tricks for team making, then you can make your own strategy by certain assumptions.

As I have mentioned you should go with the bowler who will bowl in the death over. If the opposition team has bad middle order batsman, then the death over bowler can take 2 or 3 wickets in the end.

One thing I will also mention that, sometimes after analyzing if your instincts say something, go with it. This is what I seldom do and follow my instincts but this is not under the dream11 tips.

Divide your investment

Do your investment wisely, do not put all your egg in one basket (don’t invest all amount in one league). Have some spare or backup money for others matches as well. This is also the most important point of Dream11 tips and tricks.

If you have INR 5000 to invest divide it into 5 parts and only invest INR 1000 in one match and rest 4000 invest in five different matches.

Differential Pick

First select the 7 to 8 base players that will be part of every team that you make, then try rotating the other 4 players in each team and go with players who have less selection percentages.

Is there any trick to win Dream11?

Yes, to win in grand league you need luck but in the small league you can win solely by your cricket knowledge.

What are the best dream11 tips and tricks?

Do not invest the whole amount in one match. divide your investment. You can only win in dream11 if you have the money to participate but if you invest all at a time then it became difficult to win in dream11. Apart from this, by following our dream11 tips and tricks you can win in dream11 fantasy league.

How do you increase your chances of winning in Dream11?

By playing small league consisting of 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20 members league.

How do you make a perfect team in Dream11?

By following our dream11 tips and tricks, you will be able to make perfect team in dream11.

Which is best prediction site for Dream11?

you can follow our website Hindisport.com for best predictions for dream11.

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